Thursday, July 7, 2011

What makes a good architectural design?

Alright. Now I'm thinking of making a park-like building near ponds/lakes, or in parks. There's a particularly nice pond near a hospital where I'd like to 'build' my place on. I mean like, a building where people can go to in parks and stuff and look out at the scenery and enjoy nature. It would help people enjoy nature more, I guess.

But that's not the point. This post is not about my building. I'm now looking for good architectural design on such buildings. Maybe park gazebos should be a good place to start. I can base off my idea off on one of those. Ok well mainly not just on park shelters and stuff, but good architectural design in general, and that way, I can make my building on a mix of many different buildings, which makes it all the more unique!

This site has many nice houses with architecture of the future:

This one's particularly cool:
An upside-down house? How cool is that? It's in Szymbark, in Poland. is pretty nice too. I mean, it's eco-friendly too, and it's so..colourful..

Ah now this is quite almost what I'm looking for, a 'house' that's part of nature. Not that I'm building a house per se, but...ah, you get the idea. It's in the Flemish city of Ghent, right here:

This next one I found is so amazing. It's promoting the message of saving the environment too.

After all these examples, what exactly is good architectural design? There are four main values in architectural design, or so Wikipedia says. These four values are: Aesthetic Design values, Social Design values, Environmental Design values and lastly, Traditional Design values.

Aesthetic Design values are the most complicated ones. After all, they take into account the individual self-expression of the architect in how he/she designs buildings, how their inner spirit and imagination take flight. Also how the structure can display its purpose through its design and not just be there for show, like an exhibit. How it should be simple, and how nature can provide inspiration, even of the smallest flame.

Social Design values are basically things that architects take into account such that it will be beneficial to the public once the building is used. Such like crime prevention, social change design, etc, social design values are there to help architects think through how might the design of the building affect the people and their possible perception of things.

Environmental Design values are simply, values that guide architects through thinking how might their building affect the environment. Like if a sustainable and/or environmentally friendly building approach is beneficial, or that existing buildings can be continuously used through updates, and that it can contribute to a healthy living environment.

Traditional Design values is like as if traditional 'designs' for a building are the preferred typology and template, as they 'create' timeless and 'functional' designs. And also how the building can be best preserved for future generations. Plus, that a simple life and its design closely linked to nature is actually superior to that of modernity.

There are many more values to help with a good architectural design, but after all that, what do you think helps contribute to this? Click the comment button below and you could share your thoughts or whatever, I don't really mind.


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