Thursday, September 15, 2011

Natural Comfort

My building is to promote the message of saving the environment, which means that it will let people enjoy nature while resting, which will make them want to be more eco-friendly. People are continuously saying on posters and advertisements to save the earth, do the 3Rs, etc, but not many are actually doing what they say. Most are still using plastic bags from supermarkets and not their own reusable bag, for example. However, once they visit my building, they’ll be inspired to save the earth because it is that beautiful.

I just plan for it to be like those gazebos in parks, where people when visiting parks, or going for walks with their families or having picnics can sit and chat at. So the main thing my building will be there for is to let people rest, and chat with their friends and families. It can also be where they meet up, and take shelter should the weather suddenly change. In sunny days, they can rest there and cool down.


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